USA fears that Russia has manipulated evidence of a chemical attack in Duma


The United States today expressed concern that Russia has been able to manipulate any vestige of a possible chemical attack on the rebel population of Duma and called on all parties involved in the conflict to allow a “safe, fast and full access” to the OPCW . “We call on all parties to ensure that the Fact Finding Mission can investigate the attacks on Duma safely, quickly and with full access,” said Kenneth Ward, US representative. before the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in a letter addressed to the agency itself. “In any case, we believe that Russia could have already visited the site of the attack, and we are concerned that it may have manipulated the site with the intention of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW,” he added. Since the alleged attack on Duma, on April 7, Washington has held Moscow responsible for this action for “having allowed” the Government of Bashar al-Assad to use this type of illegal weaponry.
Today the White House said that in “the near future” it will decide on the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia in retaliation for its support to Al Asad. In the letter, Ward regrets that the organism has to face, “once again”, a “terrible attack with toxic weapons in Syria” and accuses the “regime” of Bachar Al Asad to use this type of weapons ” repeated and systematic “. Although Secretary of Defense James Mattis suggested last week that he would await the outcome of an OPCW investigation before taking action against Syria, on Friday, forces from the United States, France and the United Kingdom executed a missile attack against three alleged government installations. “The United States has repeatedly tried to use diplomatic, economic and political tools to prevent the use of chemical weapons by the Al Assad regime, but Russia has crossed paths with each of our efforts,” Ward said. EFEUSA


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