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Actually Joaquin Phoenix Experienced in playing the bad guy – but he is still afraid of his new role. He is to play the Joker in the new film by director Todd Phillips. Before that he has “insanity shit,” said the 43-year-old the film portal “Collider” in an interview.

Previously, fans cheered when Studio Warner Bros. official confirmed this week that Phoenix would take the role. Much more does not tell the group about the previously untitled project yet. That a new movie about the Batman antagonist with Phoenix is ​​in planning, was known for some time ,

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Joaquin Phoenix:
The fear of evil

The film is a “gritty character study,” it said of the film studio. It was about a man who was disrespected by society. The budget is said to be 55 million dollars, much lower than other superhero films.

In “Gladiator” Phoenix had already played the merciless Emperor Commodus, he received one for it Oscar -Nomination. As a contract killer Joe, he killed people in “A Beautiful Day” armed with a hammer. Even in “Irrational Man” he becomes a murderer. Why he so afraid of the new role, he did not betray. It feels “unique” to play the role of the Joker, said Phoenix in an interview.

In previous films, actor greats such as Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto and Heath Ledger the role.

Note: An earlier version of the article said it was a Batman movie. We corrected the mistake.


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