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Home News USA: Peru will open local to promote our culture in Nebraska

USA: Peru will open local to promote our culture in Nebraska

The entrepreneur Mytzy Rodriguez-Kufner is soon to inaugurate its business "Ekeko Blend" with distinctly Peruvian products in the southern end of the Wayne district in Nebraska, U.S.

The new entrepreneur announced that she plans to open her store this November and among her a la carte proposals are Peruvian coffee, cold drinks, sandwiches of all kinds, salads and sweets from our country.

According to the US media Sioux City, Rodriguez-Kufner also plans to sell typical clothes, Peruvian wool hats and ekeko statues, which is traditionally considered the god of joy, fertility and abundance.

"I'm just trying to bring some culture to Wayne, to rural Nebraska, I want to promote the city by having something different," he said. Rodriguez-Kufner.

The family of the Peruvian businesswoman emigrated to Chicago from Peru in 1979 when she was about 5 years old so that her mother could receive medical treatment.

According Rodríguez-Kufner, the Peruvian tradition was never lost. In his house, Spanish was always spoken and every celebration or custom had to be celebrated 'in a big way'.

Rodríguez-Kufner She is a doctor in teaching and learning and was director of a program that helped to optimally learn the English language. Five years ago, she moved to Wayne with her husband, Brian Kufner, who teaches at the local state school.

The idea of ​​starting a business started more than 10 years ago. His eldest son told him that some of the food or drinks he prepared could be used to sell it to the public.

"I just put it in the back of my mind, it was my ideal job for retirement was to have a cafeteria," he said.

► Nebraska knows Peru

The year 2011, the American city Peru, located in the state of Nebraska, was chosen by the Peruvian government for the campaign International "Marca Peru" that was intended to promote our culture abroad.

Some celebrities such as Juan Diego Flórez, Gastón Acurio, Carlos Alcántara, Sofía Mulánovich, Dina Paúcar, among many others, were key pieces in the objective of this successful project that was applauded by the world.

The story of Rodríguez-Kufner it could well be considered as the continuation of the "Marca Perú" with the promotion of our culture in the world.



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