USA prohibits US companies from selling products to ZTE


ZTE’s Axon M uses chips from the American Qualcomm and Gorilla Glass. Josh Miller / CNET ZTE’s problems with the United States have worsened, as the US government announced on Monday a ban on exporting US products and components to the Chinese phone maker. The measure means that US companies such as Qualcomm and Dolby will not be able to sell their components to ZTE for up to seven years, after allegedly ZTE violated the terms of a sanctions agreement last March, said officials from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). by its acronym in English) to CNET. The ban comes after ZTE pleaded guilty in 2017 to the illegal shipment of US equipment to Iran and North Korea, and agreed to pay up to $ 1.2 billion in fines. Part of the agreement It required ZTE to take action against employees who were part of those violations. The Commerce Department said that ZTE officials lied about suppressing employees, and even gave some of them full bonuses.

“Instead of reprimanding ZTE staff and senior management, ZTE rewarded them, and this heinous behavior can not be ignored,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement. ZTE did not respond immediately to a request for comments.

ZTE was supposed to lay off four senior employees and discipline another 35, either by reducing their bonuses or by issuing a reprimand letter. BIS officials told CNET that the Chinese company had fired the four main employees, but had not taken any action against the other 35.

First impression
ZTE Axon M

It is a phone with two screens, which become a single 6.8 inches. Its specifications are high-end, but its design is not very attractive, and its use is not very intuitive.

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