USA: riot in prison makes 7 dead


Posted on 17/04/2018 at 10:41 , Updated on 17/04/2018 at 10:54


Clashes between inmates in Lee’s prison in Bishopville left seven dead and 17 wounded. Sean Rayford /
                                                                                 AP / SIPA

Clashes between inmates in Lee’s prison in Bishopville left seven dead and 17 wounded. “>

Seven inmates at a Bishopville prison in South Carolina (USA) were killed in clashes on Sunday night. Seventeen others were injured.

Brutal clashes between members of different gangs took place late Sunday in Lee’s prison center in Bishopville, South Carolina, a facility regularly shaken by unrest between inmates, the local television channel reported. WSCOTV .
Groups of rival prisoners would have contested territory and contraband. Seven inmates were killed and seventeen wounded. Violence among the worst of recent decades.
The situation became out of control at 19:15, (23:15 in France) with “many brawls in three residential buildings,” said the prison administration. The police have waited enough to resume one after the other, the three dormitories, each with 250 to 260 inmates.
“According to the first elements of the investigation, the territory, smuggling, mobile phones were at stake,” said Bryan Stirling, the director of state prison administration.
The calm could not be restored until around 2:55, Monday morning, said the administration of the center before thanking the police for their intervention.
A violent prison world
Lee’s Bishopville Prison is a high-security facility that hosts 1,800 men considered to be among the most dangerous in South Carolina. Convicts often serve long sentences.
In February, one inmate died in a fight, another was fatally wounded in November, and a third was killed in July 2017 in an altercation.
An investigation was opened on the facts, the balance sheet being among the heaviest for 25 years.


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