USA. Two policemen in serious condition after being shot in an “ambush” – Observer

Two policemen, a man and a woman, aged 24 and 31, respectively, were taking the shift on Saturday night, at a train station in Compton, California, when a man approached the car and shot them several times, leaving them in serious condition.

The information was released by the local police in conjunction with a video of security cameras where it is possible to see the moment of the crime. The authorities describe it as an “ambush” and say the man opened fire “without any warning”.

The Los Angeles Times claims that one of the agents was hit in the face and another in the head and that both have already left surgery. Aged 31 and 24, officers were admitted to the police force “just 14 months ago” according to the head of the police force, Alex Villanueva at a press conference at the hospital where the police were transferred.

There are also reports of protesters at the hospital who tried to block access to the emergency unit shouting “we want them to die”. On Twitter, LA County Sheriffs reports at least two detainees at the scene, for refusing to block access.

This incident comes after, on Thursday, agents of the same police force shot and killed a man during a home search warrant in the same city. The man, who was said to be in the house, allegedly started a fire to try to destroy evidence and later started a shootout, according to CBS.

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