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USA – Wave of anti-vaccines in the midst of a reappearance of diseases

América, leader in control and elimination of preventable diseases with vaccination, now faces the advance of an anti-vaccines movement that, although it has not taken the strength it has in other regions, has been increasing its influence amid the alarm about the reappearance of outbreaks such as the measles

Although in 2016 America became the first region in the world to be declared free of measles – as was the case with smallpox (1971), poliomyelitis (1994), rubella and congenital rubella syndrome (2015) -, by 2018 a new circulation of the virus was confirmed and the reappearance in Venezuela and Brazil of the endemic transmission, to which an outbreak in the USA was added this year.

This has coincided with the warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) that distrust, "reluctance and rejection" of vaccination is now one of the main "threats to health" globally.

Measles outbreak

The debate has been especially bitter in the United States because of the worst outbreak of measles in decades in the country. According to official data, around 1,000 people have been infected with measles so far this year since the first cases were detected among the Jewish community in New York, despite the fact that this virus had been eradicated from the country in the year 2000.

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