USA: woman raped on train


October 22, 2021 – 10:42 am clock

Suspected rapist

Shocking act in Philadelphia: On Wednesday evening around 10 p.m., Fiston N. is said to have sat down next to the woman on the train, groped her several times and finally raped her – in front of the other passengers! None of them intervened, on the contrary: some even kept their cell phones on it.

Failure to provide assistance in Pennsylvania is not a criminal offense

It is unclear how many people were on the commuter train in northern Philadelphia towards Upper Darby, but after evaluating surveillance camera images, one thing is very clear: “I can tell you that people held their cell phones in the direction of the woman while she was attacked, “says Thomas Nestel, police chief of the” Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority “(SEPTA). Nobody intervened, pressed the emergency button or alerted the police. Not for 40 minutes. That is how long the attacks on the woman are said to have lasted, which ultimately ended in the alleged rape. “We want you to be angry and disgusted and decide to make this system more secure,” said Nestel.

Timothy Bernhardt, chief superintendent of the “Upper Darby” police force, told the “New York Times” that video material showed that other passengers were sitting in the train compartment: “They could have come together and intervene.” Those eyewitnesses are currently being investigated; if they filmed the crime, there is a risk of legal consequences. Bernhardt made it clear, however, that the criminal offense of failure to provide assistance (so-called “Good Samaritan Law”) does not exist in the US state of Pennsylvania. The people were therefore not obliged to help. That makes it very difficult to hold them accountable.

Perpetrator claims: woman agreed – victim rejects that

Twelve stops later, an employee of the train company got on, recognized the seriousness of the situation and dialed 911. A police officer then “ran into the train, caught this man during the act and took him into custody,” said a spokesman for the SEPTA. Fiston N., a homeless person known to the police, was charged with rape and sexual harassment, among other charges. He is currently in the “Delaware County Jail” on bail of around 154,000 euros.

According to information from “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, the 35-year-old is said to have testified that the woman had agreed to the sexual acts. The alleged victim rejected this statement as false and told the police that he had ignored their requests to leave them alone.

Rape victims should be better off

According to the New York Times, she was hospitalized after the attack. “What this woman had to endure in the hands of the man, what she was able to tell us, is unbelievable,” said Bernhardt. She was “incredibly strong”, she was doing better and she was able to provide the police with a lot of valuable information.

SEPTA has issued a statement calling the incident a “terrible crime” and urging passengers to report such incidents immediately. “There were other people on the train who witnessed this terrible crime. It could have been stopped earlier if one of them had alerted the 911.” (cwa)