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USCs swann "blinds" by regulatory scandal

Lynn Swann, who was hired three years ago by the USC Trojans to lead a sports department that is too familiar with the scandal, says he will not resign.

Swann spoke with The Los Angeles Times about the bribe's bribery through college, in which a senior sports teacher, water-polo coach and former football coach was charged and later dismissed from school and knew better. "

"I think everyone was blind," Swann said in an interview with The Times. "The fact that it is a senior member of the staff and also the water polo coach for men and women … These are people who have been here for a long time, and people who have been here in difficult times and seen bad things had done and knew better, everyone was shocked, surprised and surprised. "

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67-year-old Swann, a pro-football Hall of Famer and former Trojans recipient, was hired by USC in April 2016 to replace retired sports director Pat Haden.

Swann said that in the future, a person would not take as much responsibility as senior administrators like the dismissed Donna Heinel.

"We will work with the university to implement the best system," Swann said. "We'll work with the administration, admissions, sports administrators, recruiters, and boy scouts to make more eyeballs." When a list of names is presented, the trainer sees it, the recruiter sees it, the administrator sees it, and others see it, So we know that these are real student athletes we are trying to get.

"Whether you're a favorite in football or someone else, we need to know they're real student athletes." One of the first things I did after reading the affidavit was Katharine Harrington, Vice President of Admissions and planning at USC, and I apologized to her, the recording department had no idea that this was happening, they had no idea and why would they do that? "

Swann was one of more than 200 candidates eligible for the job before hiring him. He had no experience in sports university administration, but was the third American football player in a row to take over the post.

A four-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing for the Trojans and selected in 1974 for the NFL's 21st overall victory, Swann said he would not resign.

"I did not think about stepping down, I'm committed to this school and this job," Swann said. "This was an opportunity that came my way, I never went looking for that job, but this is a job that I feel prepared for, everything I do at USC I have for someone else before done, whether the raising is capital, sitting on boards, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Chairman of the Council of the President for Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. "

Swann won a national championship in the USC in 1972, when the Trojans went 12-0. Swann graduated from the university with a bachelor's degree in public relations. He is also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

"I've done a lot of things in my life that have made me experience switching to that position," Swann told The Los Angeles Times. "I felt it would be a great opportunity, would I like to do it forever? No. I would like to do it for 10 years, in corporate America they see the term of office of a CEO and say 10 years are about right.

"We have a great school and that's why these people did that to try and bring their kids to this school."

This report uses information from The Associated Press.



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