Use case “Renewable energy networks in Pays de la Loire”

Open data used


The application is the result of a partnership between theObservatory of the Ecological Transition of Pays de la Loire (TEO Pays de la Loire), responsible for improving knowledge of energy, climate, waste and resources in Pays de la Loire, and
Regional DREAL.

Problem and value proposition

The tool tackles a problem common to local authorities: difficult appropriation of data relating to renewable energies, yet essential in an energy transition process. This difficulty results in particular from:

  • complex access to available sources;
  • the sometimes relative reliability of the data;
  • a lack of operational expertise.

L’application propose to cross and consolidate the data produced by the energy network managers (Enedis, GRDF, GRTgaz, RTE) to establish a synthetic diagnosis of the renewable energies of networks on the territory. It is deployed across the Pays de la Loire region.


An open-source tool which restores data relating to the renewable energies of networks previously collected and processed. the dashboard proposed presents, on several attributes of the network renewable energy production park (number of installations by type, installed power, consumption covered, etc.):

Data visualizations

Synthetic indicators

A download service is also available to access all the data used (raw data distributed by the network managers and processed data).


For local authorities

A better territorial knowledge of renewable energies which allows them to objectify the needs for the evolution of their energy mix and to plan actions aimed at ensuring the transition to low-carbon energies.

For energy network managers

  • Cross-valorization of the data they produce and disseminate in a dispersed manner.
  • A rapprochement with local authorities and other territorial players, who are privileged partners in a transition towards more renewable energies.

For every citizen

Increased knowledge and transparency concerning the renewable energies produced and distributed in their living area.

“This project contributes to the promotion of knowledge on renewable energies to support territories in their transition and monitor the achievement of local and regional objectives. It is a support for the missions of the observatory and those of the actors of the territory. »

Baptiste Decorps, Energy-Climate Project Manager, TEO


The data used does not have the same frequency or update period, a reflection is underway to meet the request to have the most recent data possible while maintaining a reliable and consistent service.

Opening the source code of the application and its detailed documentation facilitate the improvement, replication and dissemination of this use in other territories.