Use of the helmet, mandatory indication in the commercialization of motorcycles

The Mobility Commission, chaired by Deputy Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg (MC), approved the opinion that adds a paragraph to article 54 of the General Law of Mobility and Road Safetyto establish that the New motorcycles that are marketed must incorporate explicit and legible indications on the use of a helmet in terms of safety.

Chertorivski said that the issue of motorcycles as a whole is an urgency for road safety, since “if road incidents have grown in any space, it has been in small, low-cylinder motorcycles at high speeds.”

He mentioned that that is due to new form of work, based on the distribution of food and other goods that does not require a special license or particular knowledge, since anyone can buy a motorcycle and start working on an application, mainly in urban areas.

One of the measures to reduce the risk

It is the helmet of good quality. Another is the number of passengers allowed by law, which is two and both must wear a helmet. What is being approved today, he added, is to force all those who sell new motorcycles to have a stamp with information about the need to wear a helmet.

The promoting deputy, Steve Esteban del Raza Montiel (Morena), expressed that, in Mexico, the use of motorcycles as a means of transportation has increased in recent years, due to the lower cost of acquisition and as a response to road congestion; however, its use increased road incidents.

He stressed that, from 2003 to 2014, the number of seriously injured more than six-fold, with a quarter suffering head injuries. 58.3 percent of the injured were adolescents and young adults, between 15 and 29 years old; In 2014, deaths from motorcycle road accidents increased by more than six times compared to 2003.

He reported that various measurements specify that the use of helmets among motorcyclists was 81.9 percent in drivers and 61.1 in companions; however, only 45.1 percent were safety helmets that meet the technical specifications of a foreign or regional standard.

Correctly use a certified helmetstated the legislator, it reduces the risk of dying in an accident by 40 percent and can reduce the risk of severe injury by about 70 percent.

Attention and care of the right to mobility

The Commission ratified the opinion with point of agreement by which the governments of the 32 federative entities are urged, so that, within the framework of their powers, they strengthen the actions of attention and care of the right to mobility, through the Dissemination of the mobility hierarchy in a physical, digital or other viable way within their respective powers, with the aim of promoting road culture and respect for pedestrians and vulnerable groups.

In addition, it asks local administrations to consider the application of the street manual, which consists of the road design for Mexican cities published by the Secretary of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development (SEDATU), to promote road culture and respect for pedestrians and vulnerable groups.

The promoter, deputy Alma Delia Navarrete Rivera (Morena), highlighted the importance of strengthening the right to mobility and the tools that accompany it, since it is everyone’s task, the idea of ​​seeing a Mexico with safer streets, respectful, accessible, and where all users of the mobility system can live in harmony.

Organ donation on driver’s licenses

Similarly, the legislative body endorsed its opinion on the initiative with a draft decree that reforms and adds various articles of the general laws on Health, Mobility and Road Safety, and Electoral Institutions and Procedures, on organ donors. and tissues.

It seeks to incorporate into driver’s licenses the granting or refusal of consent for organ and tissue donation for transplantation in the event of the death of the license holder. Likewise, establish that citizens who wish to express their consent to be organ and tissue donors, may request that it be entered in the voter card.

Driver’s License Forum

In the blended meeting, the deputy Chertorivski Woldenberg reported that on April 19, the forum “The driver’s license in Mexico” will be held, where various experts will be heard who will talk about security in identifications and the issuance of licenses in the country.

He stated that it is an important topic, since it can be significant so that from the forum we can promote specific legislation within the law to standardize the licenses and their security in the country.

Photo: Pixabay