Use Opera currency converter on websites – This is how the Opera browser becomes a currency converter

For surfing the net and therefore also for shopping online, Opera is now the first choice for many and those who like to shop on foreign sites, or also want to convert currencies on websites for other reasons, will be happy about a function in the Opera browser. How to activate the currency converter in Opera and set it to the desired currency is shown in this Opera short tip.

The currency converter is deactivated by default and has to be switched on first. To do this, open the settings in the Opera browser, the entry folds Extended and then click on the point for the Functions. If you scroll down a bit on the right, you can see under the heading Such-pop-up also the point Activate search pop-up when selecting text and can activate or deactivate the whole thing here using the slider. In the small pull-down menu Currencies in you can specify the currency to be converted into.

Now you can use the mouse to mark a sum that can be identified as currency on websites and a pop-up opens over it, in which you can then also see the amount in the previously selected currency. If you now move the mouse pointer over the amount, you can copy it directly with a left click, if you need it. If the pop-up does not open, you have often just forgotten to mark the symbol for the currency as well, because without this it will not recognize the function as currency.

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Author’s comment: It’s so easy to use the Opera browser to convert currencies directly.
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