use this trick to hide the “typing…” status on iPhone and Android

We explain, step by step, how to hide the indicative text “typing” in WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp trick offers the possibility of hiding the text “Writing…”

Much of the success of WhatsApp Messenger lies in its complexity. The messaging app is absolutely packed with all sorts of features, tricks, and secret functions that contribute to a great user experience. But how could it be otherwise? WhatsApp It also has its disadvantages and one of them is based on the privacy.

Just as recently we invited you to change a series of WhatsApp settings immediately, this time we will recommend you use a very useful little trick to hide or hide the “typing…” status of WhatsApp. And it works on both iPhone and Android!

What is the WhatsApp “typing…” message

The text “writing…” of WhatsApp tells us when a user has started to write through the virtual keyboard of your application on their mobile device. It is simply an indicator text that reveals when someone is about to send a reply to our messages.


The indicator text “Writing” is enabled by default in WhatsApp

This text appears in the upper area of ​​chat conversationsjust below the contact name, and tells us how long and since when a user has been writing a message. Which, for many, is a serious intrusion into privacy.

From the WhatsApp settings it is not possible to disable the “typing…” status function. Fortunately, there is a little trick for iPhone and Android smartphones that allows us to hide how long we have been writing a message and when we are replying in WhatsApp, making the text “typing…” not appear on the mobile phone of our contacts.

How to hide the text “typing…” in WhatsApp

if you want to take greater control over your privacy on WhatsApp and prevent other users from knowing when you are online or how long you have been writing a message, follow these steps to hide the “typing…” status in WhatsApp.

  • Open the Control center of you iPhone.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Then activate the Airplane mode.
  • Open WhatsApp Messenger and start writing a message in any chat conversation.

Once you have followed these instructions, the “typing…” text will no longer appear.

This useful WhatsApp trick also serves to listen to audio notes in the application without other users knowing that you have done it.

There is an alternative method that consists of write your messages in other applications such as Notes for, immediately copy and paste in WhatsApp. In this way it will be impossible to know how long you have been writing the message.

How to hide the status “Online” and “Last connection time”

In addition to being able to hide your typing status, WhatsApp also offers the ability to hide your “Online” status and the time of your last connection. The process is very simple and is integrated into the WhatsApp Messenger configuration system.

  • open the app WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Access the section Setting.
  • Click on the section Privacy.
  • Then click on “Last time and Online”.
  • Select the option “Nobody” e “Same as last time”.

WhatsApp allows you to disable online status

WhatsApp should respect the privacy of its users on iPhone and Android

Everyone agrees that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on the market. But, to be honest, the truth is that it does not respect the privacy of its users. We are not talking about unauthorized access to our data, or personalized advertising, or even its encryption system. We talked about what WhatsApp does not allow users to safeguard their privacy and intimacy before other people.

In fact, Until recently, WhatsApp did not allow you to hide the “Online” status nor hide what was the time of the last known connection of the users. Fortunately, this has changed. Now, perhaps, WhatsApp should also implement a system that allows users to hide the “Writing” message and read notifications of the already classic check azul.

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