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Used by politicians Kanye West promised to stay away from politics

American rapper Kanye West admitted that he was used for political purposes. About this he wrote on my Twitter. “Now my eyes opened and I realized that I was used to spread ideas that I don’t believe. I distance myself from politics and fully focus on creativity! ”The rapper promised. Kanier West supported Trump after the victory of the Republican in the presidential elections in 2016. In August, a rap singer admitted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show that he really supports the US president. “Everyone told me when I openly supported Trump that it was impossible to talk about it out loud, otherwise my career would end. It took me a year and a half to say with confidence [о поддержке]without looking at the consequences, ”said the rapper. However, he could not answer the question of what exactly Trump did for African Americans, and also said that “it’s not politics.” In April, West wrote on Twitter about his love for politics: “You don’t have to agree with Trump, but the crowd make me not love him. Both of us are dragon energy. ”More hellish and strange news in the Telegram-channel“ Ribbon of the bottom ”. Subscribe!


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