Useful innovations in iOS 16.4 that almost no one noticed

Users have been waiting for iOS 16.4 for a long time because of the well-known innovations: someone has long wanted to try push notifications in Safari in order to forget about deleting apps in the App Store once and for all. Others were interested swipe typing in Russianto finally get rid of the third party keyboard. In addition to these innovations, other useful iOS features have appeared that, for unknown reasons, many simply did not notice. But in vain: thanks to them, the iPhone will become not only more convenient, but also safer. Found 4 at once iOS 16.4 innovationswhich have undeservedly been neglected.

Here are some features of iOS 16.4 you might not have noticed


What to do if your head hurts from the phone

Apple is doing everything so that the iPhone does not cause inconvenience and discomfort to users: for example, it is known that Samsung loads the eyes noticeably more than an Apple smartphone – we wrote about this. Despite this, with prolonged use, the owners iPhone headache. How to fix it? iOS 16.4 added a feature dimming flickering flashes: It will darken scenes with bright flashing lights when watching a video. Turning it on is very easy.

In scenes with bright light, the screen will become dimmer, but then return to normal

  • Go to Settings and go to Accessibility.
  • Select “Movement”.
  • Activate the slider next to Dimming Blinking Flashes.

Now, while watching a video, the algorithms will automatically dim the backlight, and then return it to its previous level. Agree, it is very convenient when you watch a movie at night, and the strobe in the frame in the video hurts your eyes!

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How to enable dark mode in Safari

Not all websites are the same, so the browser Safari doesn’t darken all pages, even if you have dark theme enabled on your iPhone. Some of them still open in light design even in reading mode and strain your eyes in the dark. Before the release of iOS 16.4, you had to use the Noir extension for this, but now you can turn it off.

iPhone dark theme now works for all sites in read mode

Now if you have enabled dark theme on iphone, a site in read mode will also have a black background, whether it is supported or not. This also applies to documents in txt format, and the function itself is also available in Google Chrome and Firefox. But if dark safari theme if you don’t like it, you can set change the system theme in the iPhone settings – the reading mode will turn white.

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iPhone default browser

Default browser now opens desktop bookmarks

Enough time has passed since Apple allowed you to change the default browser on the iPhone, but some nuances still remain. So, if you have a page saved as a shortcut on your Home screen, it still opened through Safari, and not the browser that you chose as the standard one.

In iOS 16.4, this misunderstanding was corrected: if you use Firefox or Edge, then the shortcut will open in it. By the way, you can now add web applications to the Home screen from third-party browsers, and not just through Safari. It’s doubly nice that you don’t need to configure anything – just update your iPhone to iOS 16.4 and enjoy!

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iOS 16.4 fixes a number of annoying bugs and vulnerabilities

Apple often talks about updates containing bug fixes and security improvements. The problem is that almost no one knows what it really means. For example, in iOS 16.4, over 30 dangerous vulnerabilities were fixed, which is quite a lot – usually their number does not exceed 10. Here’s how we improved iOS security in the new version.

  • One of the bugs allowed third-party applications to get contact data via accessibility without user permission.
  • fixed Neural Engine errordue to which the application could work outside the “sandbox” – the safe mode in which each application works without the possibility of infecting iPhone with a virus.
  • fixed iOS Calendar vulnerabilitydue to which the imported event could lead to data theft.
  • Fixed an issue in Latitude where the app could get sensitive location information. A similar issue has been resolved in Podcasts, causing the app to access user data.
  • Safari will no longer automatically create a bookmark on the home screen without the user’s knowledge.
  • The Photos app has finally fixed a bug that caused hidden images were displayed through search without signing in with Face ID or Touch ID.


And this is only a small part of what the developers have fixed in iOS 16.4 – you can find the full list in the update notes. So, it’s really worth installing the update so as not to lose your data.