Useful tips for selling with email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get quality leads and sales. However, for this to occur it is necessary that the sales emails are written in a specific way and fully comply with the function that was given to them. Doing so may be a matter of following some useful tips.

Email as a sales channel

One of the advantages of email, more so if we are talking about a list of subscribers and the use of specialized platforms for mass mailing, is that it allows you to start a 1 to 1 conversation with customers or potential customers, no external noise, no pop-ups, no other distracting posts, no ads. Only a quality communication between sender and receiver.

For this reason, there are not a few companies that use the mail order to enhance your reach, improve your billing and grow in the most comprehensive way of saying it. Knowing the importance of email as a preferred sales channel, recognizing some useful tips for sending and preparing it is preponderant, since without it most of the efforts can end badly, with the loss of interest of the users or with greater expenses than benefits.

How to send impactful sales emails?

Never better said. You have to generate a positive impact to generate interest and boost sales. It is the best strategy and perhaps the easiest to adopt by any company, because it will rarely be difficult to do.

Persuasion, content format, customization for each potential user -even customizing the delivery date and time- all have to do with creating powerful sales emails, but the essentials is related to what is mentioned below.

Ensure the opening and the beginning of the reading

Choosing the best platform for the mass mailing of emails within an email marketing campaign is only the correct first step within the activities related to email sales. Ensuring openness and the beginning of reading the message could certainly be the second step to be achieved.

To do this, nothing better than writing a shocking, unrepeatable subject that arouses the attention of the recipient in a positive way – although it can be effective to arouse negative feelings, it is something that is not recommended due to the online reputation of the brand that sends it. After that, The second step is to further reinforce the interest with a first element or paragraph that confirms what the matter already anticipated.

Thus, in a sales email the first parts deserve special attention, because if they manage to capture the interest of potential users, practically half of the work will be done. Awakening a sense of urgency, curiosity, the feeling that a lot of money will be saved, calling the user by name in the same subject -binds him even more to the message- or providing the most prominent data linked to the product or service, it can be a correct way to achieve it.

Encourage the purchase and resolve doubts at the same time

In general, sales emails are not usually that long. If they are, they lose meaning, because they will almost always gain dispersion, which slows down the purchase possibilities of users.

In this way, the second important part of a sales email has to do with what directly links to the purchase. The product or service should be discussed in a clear, concise way, with data, with advantages, with the benefits that the client will have when acquiring it, and of course, with the risks that you will suffer if you do not have the solution that is offered.

But, the most important thing is followed by that: solve doubts and dispel them the moment they are created. When data is offered, for example, this product is 30% larger than the previous model, the user will immediately think that if it is larger it may be less comfortable or light, so that question must be resolved immediately, in the same message and even in the same paragraph, so that you can continue to encourage the purchase and there are no unresolved doubts that may distract the user or make them not make the decision at the moment.

It is essential to recognize that creating this section of a sales email will take time and a lot of creativity, assuming in advance that it cannot be done lightly, since the results may not be as desired. Take into account the possible iterations of the doubts of potential buyers and solve them in the most elegant and trivial way possible, will encourage the purchase or immediate action proposed at the end of the sales letter.

Call to action as explicit as possible

And is that at the end of the sales letter, or sales email, is the call to action. It is imperative that there is a call to action. The best thing, whenever possible, is that it is a specific action and that can directly generate tangible results for the company or business, and not an action that may unnecessarily lengthen the purchase process, which can have repercussions in the abandonment of the intention of the users.

While there are many tips on this, something that always works is to make a call to action explicit enough so that the user does not have confusion or ulterior motives. A button that says To buy, with the price on one side, the colors available below and the tentative date of shipment on the other side, it will always be more specific than a button that says Ask for more information, which is directly interpreted as an additional step that may become unnecessary for customers, keeping them away from a purchase decision that could already be made thanks to the previous section.

A sales email is an important creative piece that when done well becomes an interesting sales tool. Often times, just a few details need to be polished so that the most shipments turn into sales.