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User List No. 4 Real Madrid Including Ramos, Hierro, Luis Milla

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The departure of Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid as well as making the number 4 jersey is now vacant. That jersey number, which is already very synonymous with Ramos, is now waiting for a new owner.

Sergio Ramos wore the number 4 throughout his career with El Real. Since his move from Sevilla at the beginning of the 2005/2006 season, the number has faithfully accompanied all his actions at Real Madrid for 16 seasons.

Before Sergio Ramos, looking at the data Transfermarkt, jersey number 4 had no lasting users. There was Borja Fernandez in the 2004/2005 season and before that Ruben Gonzalez in 2003/2004.

It was Fernando Hierro who at that time was also synonymous with number 4 at Real Madrid. Like Sergio Ramos, Hierro (1989-2003) was also a legendary centre-back at Los Blancos.

Prior to that, Real Madrid’s number 4 jersey was also used by a number of other names. Interestingly, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, there were also two top names who moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid and had time to wear jersey number 4.

The first of the two names was Bernd Schuster. Actually, Schuster is more identical to the number 8, which he also wore at Barcelona and in his first season with El Real, but he was also recorded as wearing the number 4 in 1989/1990.

In 1990, Real Madrid returned to the arrival of a player who previously defended Barcelona, ​​his name was Luis Milla. After joining Real Madrid on a free transfer, the figure who has also coached the Indonesian national team passed his first season with number 4 – which he had previously used at Barca.

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List of players who have worn the Real Madrid number 4 jersey in Transfermarkt records:

Sergio Ramos (05/06 – 20/21)
Borja Fernandez (04/05)
Rubén González (03/04)
Fernando Hierro (90/91 – 02/03)
Rafael Alkorta (94/95)
Nando (92/93)
Ricardo Rocha (91/92)
Miguel Tendillo (87/88 – 90/91)
Luis Milla (90/91)
Bernd Schuster (89/90)
Manolo Sanchís (89/90)
Michel (88/89)
Milan Jankovic (86/87 – 87/88)
Rafael Martin Vazquez (85/86 – 86/87)
Juanito (86/87)
Chucho Solana (86/87)
José Antonio Salguero (84/85 – 86/87)
Mino (86/87)
Rafael Gordillo (85/86)
Antonio Maceda (85/86)
Uli Stielike (80/81 – 84/85)
John Metgod (82/83)
Ricardo Gallego (81/82)
Antonio García Navajas (81/82)
Jose Antonio Camacho (76/77)
Pirri (65/66 – 76/77)
Juan Sol (76/77)
Toni Grande (70/71 – 72/73)
Ramón Grosso (71/72)
Manuel Sanchís (66/67)
Lucien Muller (63/64)
Felo (61/62)
Vidal (59/60)
José María Zárraga (51/52 – 58/59)
Lesmes II (55/56 – 57/58)
Miguel Munoz (48/49 – 56/57)
Gabriel Alonso (51/52)
Louis Hon (50/51)
Jean Luciano (50/51)
Montalvo (49/50 – 50/51)
Soto (48/49 – 49/50)
Ipiña (48/49)
Guillermo Pont (46/47)
Antonio Sierra Diaz (40/41)
José Ramón Sauto (39/40 – 40/41)

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