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UTair explained the requirement to buy 11 seats for two disabled children

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA News. Utair Airlines commented on the situation that has arisen on the flight Kurgan – Moscow, where the woman had to buy 11 tickets for two disabled children.

As the RIA Novosti was told in the Utair press service, the company was not notified that there would be people with limited mobility on the flight, the carrier should be aware of such customers in advance and be prepared for their transportation.

The Ural Investigation Department for Transport of the Russian Federation IC on Wednesday reported that it had begun checking information that, at the request of Utair, a woman had to buy 11 air tickets for the Kurgan-Moscow flight for her two children with reduced mobility who were returning home after the operation.

Earlier, the media reported that a resident of Khabarovsk, a single mother arrived with her twin sons in Kurgan for an operation at the Ilizarov Center. When the family returned home after treatment, the airline demanded that the woman buy 11 plane tickets for two children. As the carrier explained, one child who needs to be transported on a stretcher will take nine places, and the second, who has one leg in a cast, has two places. According to the mothers of the twins, relatives collected money for the way back.

“Unfortunately, the Russian Children's Fund and other social services did not contact the airline to discuss the conditions for the safe transportation of low-mobility children. Funds and social services should worry in advance about special conditions of transportation: check conditions and warn passengers of low-mobility passengers” – stated in the airline.

For the safety of low-mobility citizens, the airline is obliged to install special stretchers in the cabin of the aircraft in order to eliminate the threat to the passenger’s health during turbulence, take-off and landing. The stretcher weighs 140 kilograms, and the airline takes time to install and fix them in the cabin, noted in Utair.

In addition, before the departure at the airport, a companion and a passenger with limited mobility may face a shortage of seats in the cabin or an increased price for transportation if the social services did not warn them in advance about the special conditions of transportation, the airline stressed.



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