UTMB® CCC group competes fiercely for French players to win the championship

At 15:00 on August 27, Beijing time and 9:00 am local time in France, the CCC group of the UTMB® Tour Mont Blanc Supercross Race officially fired in Courmayeur, Italy. Approximately 1,900 athletes participated in the competition, which was the second most contested competition among UTMB® categories. After more than ten hours of fierce competition, in the end, French athlete Thibaut Garrivier and Spanish athlete Marta Molist Codina won the men’s and women’s championships.

The route of the CCC group starts from Courmayeur, Italy, passes through 13 timing points in Switzerland and France, and finally arrives at Chamonix, France. The total length of the track is 99.2 kilometers, with a cumulative climb of 6,156 meters and a cumulative decline of 6,358 meters.

At the beginning of the game, French athlete Thibaut Garrivier was in the position of the first group. Although at the Arnouvaz site, the Frenchman once fell to the sixth position, but the next 4.6 kilometers, climbed close to 800 meters of the devil’s uphill obviously let him see the dawn of victory, by virtue of this section, he successfully ranked Catch up to the second place. Then at Champex-Lac, he succeeded in overtaking and keeping the first place advantage to the end. The final cross-line score was 10:23:26. This result leads the second place for 24 minutes.

After that, New Zealand athlete Scott Hawker and French athlete Thibaut Baronian competed equally for second place. In the second half of the game, the two athletes were catching up and moving towards a common goal. What’s interesting is that when the time difference between the two is the smallest, it is only 1 minute and 27 seconds. But the final pit stop strategy was different, so Scott Hawker finally had the last laugh. In the end, Scott Hawker finished second with a score of 10:47:35, and Thibaut Baronian finished third with a score of 10:53:08.

In the women’s group, Spain’s Marta Molist Codina’s women’s championship status has not been challenged too much. She passed the finish line at 12:50:48. In contrast, the second place competition has undergone a dramatic change in the final stage. The American athlete Abby Hall began to stage the most after running out of the Vallorcine timing point, and left Czech athlete Petra Ševčíková behind in the 7.7km, 900m climb stage. The final result of the two was 13:04:14 and 13:04:14. 13:21:10.

As of press time, the UTMB and PTL competitions are still in progress.

  Match Results:

Men’s Division:

Thibaut Garrivier, France, 10:23:26

Scott Hawker, New Zealand, 10:47:35

Thibaut Baronian, France, 10:53:08

Women’s Group:

Marta Molist Codina, Spain, 12:50:48

Abby Hall, United States, 13:04:14

Petra Ševčíková , 捷克 , 13 : 21 : 10