V Rising: 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs

We hope you’re having a blast on V Rising and that your first steps as a vampire go smoothly. After having seen some things to know about your first hour of play, we continue our guides to get started with 5 mistakes to avoid that could cost you dearly as you progress.

New guide to one of the resources you will need in the first part of your adventure in the world of V Rising, the leather. Here, we tell you how to start the tannery which will then give you access to the leather.

Go straight to PVP

You might get disgusted with the game before you even understand how the gameplay works if you hop onto the PVP servers without a bit of preparation.. Instead, create a private server with your clan and explore the content, at least until you unlock Castle Heart Tier 3 through Iron, Glass, and Greater Blood Essences. At this point, you should already have a good idea of ​​what the different systems look like and you might be able to try the adventure of player versus player.

To progress well in a group on the multiplayer servers of V Rising or even in a private game, you will have to set up a clan from scratch with other vampires. We see the options related to all this in this mini-guide related to the interface.

Bet it all on your first base

Your first castle will necessarily be placed in the woods, which will no longer necessarily be optimal after a certain point in the adventure. Once you have collected enough leather and copper ingots to upgrade your castle core to level 2, start looking for a location for a second castle that will serve as your main base thereafter. Then you can create teleportation portals between each of your bases and manage your slaves to farm components for you.

From your first wooden palisades to the construction of a roof, passing through the specialized rooms and their powerful bonuses, we tell you everything to start on a good basis in the construction of your castle on the V Rising map.

Eat intact hearts

If you manage to defeat a boss in the game, you will have a high chance of coming across an intact heart, necessary for the manufacture of superior blood essencesquite rare in the early areas of the game. The thing is, this item is consumed directly to fill your blood pouches, just like Tainted Hearts, so it’s very easy to make the mistake. If you have any on you, go directly to put them in the blood press to convert them back to your base.

The intact heart is a rare resource necessary to improve your castle, once you have reached around level 30. To obtain it, you will have to go hit old bosses or venture very far from the woods and therefore from your first base.

Hire a day boss

Vampire life isn’t easy every day and the worst that can happen to you during a messy fight is to see the day dawn in the middle of it. It’s a bit different for the bosses you’ll be fighting in graveyards that are shrouded in mist all the time, but generally coordinating to attack at night will always be a good idea. If in addition you fall on a bloody night, able to boost the percentage of your blood type gauge.

The Putrid Rat is a bit special boss, since you will have to do without tracking to summon it, thanks to the nest of vermin and several slightly more advanced components of V Rising. Defeating him will give you access to a new vampiric power.

Neglect blood groups

This is a mechanic that is not necessarily very well explained by the game, but it is essential if you want to optimize your vampire before a big fight.. Before you suck the last breath of life from an enemy, you will see their name with a percentage corresponding to the quality of their blood. Once inhaled, you will earn passive bonuses related to the class and quality of the hemoglobin ingested. A little extra that makes all the difference, you can expose your vein to your comrades so that they too can benefit from the effects of the blood type.

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