Vacation and Corona: Which insurance will help me further?

Summer is here! Many people therefore want to go on vacation – not that easy at Corona time. Can an insurance company help you? And if so, which insurances are really useful?

The delta variant of the corona virus is currently up to mischief. You can quickly put an end to your planned summer vacation. Portugal holidaymakers particularly feel this. Because planned trips are canceled or returnees have to go back to quarantine. But when can you actually withdraw from a trip and get your money back? Do the usual insurance policies already apply?

Beware of insurance traps and wording

Anyone who has taken out travel cancellation insurance is not automatically covered in a corona case. In the event of travel warnings or an expansion of a virus variant area, customers very often have no chance and go away empty-handed.

Anyone who is afraid of the coronavirus in another country due to the change in risk status, goes away empty-handed with travel cancellation insurance. Even a travel warning from the Foreign Office is not an insured event. Because despite the rice warning and the designation of the country as a virus variant area, there is no travel ban.

If the trip is not commenced, neither the airline nor the hotel is obliged to accept a cancellation free of charge. The respective law of the individual country also applies.

What happens if I get Corona before my vacation?

Travel cancellation insurance takes effect if you get sick before going on holiday and this can also be proven by a doctor. With insurance companies, however, there are so-called exclusion clauses that can stipulate that this is not free for a corona infection. The customer is left with the costs.

Does a foreign health insurance help if I get Corona while on vacation?

It’s a little different during Corona. Because, here too, the individual insurers have agreed pandemic clauses that exclude reimbursement in other EU countries. Often the treatment costs are not paid by the insurance companies, even when traveling to risk areas. It is worth checking with the insurance company beforehand whether there is a pandemic clause.

Package holidays – the organizer has to take care of his customers

In particular, travelers who have booked a package holiday have a better chance of being reimbursed. If a travel warning is issued for the holiday destination, the tour operator must take care of its customers.

Special corona insurance packages

Of course, in addition to the common travel cancellation insurance, there are now also special corona insurance packages. In the event of illness, quarantine or infection, this insurance offers additional protection. Some tourism groups even allow a cancellation or rebooking up to 14 days before departure. However, it is important to carefully examine the small print in these contracts. Not all benefits are included in every clause.

Consumer advocates therefore advise taking out travel cancellation insurance separately. This is mainly due to the fact that you can usually expect better conditions and a lower price. Because traveling home early can be expensive, Stiftung Warentest recommends combining travel cancellation insurance with a travel interruption policy.

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