Vaccinated pregnant women pass antibodies against covid-19 to babies, study concludes – Época Negócios

Pregnant woman receives first dose of vaccine from Pfizer in Bangkok, Thailand (Photo: Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images)

New York University Scientists (NYU) found high levels of antibodies against the coronavirus in the blood of 36 newborns whose mothers were vaccinated with the Pfizer or at Modern during the period they were pregnant.

Women who received the immunizers 13 weeks before delivery transmitted higher levels of antibodies to their babies than those who received the doses more than 20 weeks before.

“Studies continue to reinforce the importance of vaccines during pregnancy and their power to protect two lives at the same time, preventing serious cases of the disease in mothers and babies,” said the director of the division of maternal-fetal medicine and professor in a statement. of NYU obstetrics and gynecology, Ashley S. Roman, one of the study’s principal investigators.

Despite the encouraging results, the team still does not know if the babies are fully protected against infections by the virus and how long the action of the antibodies lasts. “If babies can be born with antibodies, it can protect them in the first few months of life, when they are most vulnerable,” said Ashley.

Scientists further emphasize that more studies are needed to determine whether there is a relationship between timing of vaccine and newborn antibody levels.

For those responsible, the discovery highlights the importance of pregnant women being vaccinated against the covid-19. “It’s encouraging that antibody levels in babies are high if mothers are vaccinated,” said associate professor Jennifer L. Lighter of the department of epidemiology at NYU’s Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, who was an author of the study.

A survey released in August reinforces the NYU data. The analysis found that pregnant women developed antibodies with Pfizer or Moderna immunizers five days after taking the first dose, and transferred protection to their babies 16 days after application.

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Babies can receive antibodies from their mothers through the umbilical cord or breast milk. According to Business Insider, the same process occurs in the case of immunization against other diseases, such as the flu.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already reported that Pfizer and Moderna immunizers pose no risk to pregnant women and do not increase the chances of miscarriage. In addition, NYU has analyzed that covid-19 vaccines do not increase the chances that a woman will have complications in childbirth or that the fetus will be harmed.

Researchers have warned that pregnant women are nearly twice as likely to die from covid-19 as women who are not pregnant at the same age. Babies are also more at risk of dying from severe covid-19 than other children, which can be explained by the less developed immune system.

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