Vaccination campaign: Municipalities want the money to be used elsewhere

The Salzburg municipalities would prefer to use the money for the corona vaccine advertising against inflation. The Association of Municipalities is to negotiate with the Ministry of Health.

SALZBURG. The Salzburg municipalities should use their own advertising campaigns to motivate the population to get vaccinated against the corona virus. A total of 4.6 million euros are going to Salzburg’s municipalities for this purpose.

Federal government to initiate campaign

There is a lack of understanding for this among some mayors in Salzburg. President Günter Mitterer (ÖVP), Mayor of St. Johann, expresses his displeasure for the Salzburg community association. “We are not sure how we should implement this vaccination campaign,” says Mitterer. In his opinion, it would be easier if the vaccination campaign were initiated by the federal government.

“Municipalities could use the money well”

For St. Johann, about 90,000 euros were transferred from Vienna for this application of the vaccination. “This is money that the communities could use elsewhere. There are many options. For example in care,” says Mitterer, who does not think it is expedient for each community to implement something different.

In St. Johann, good experiences have been made with the use of the city’s own LED billboards. Direct discussions with the citizens, especially through the general practitioners, make sense. “That also suits the communities,” says Mitterer.

Now the Austrian Association of Municipalities is to negotiate with the Ministry of Health whether the money can be used elsewhere; against inflation or rising energy prices, for example.

At 66 years…

The city of Salzburg has already started its own campaign. The radio spot says, based on the Udo-Jürgens classic: “At the age of 66 I’ll get the fourth stitch, at the age of 66 Corona won’t get me.”

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