Vaccination in Cologne-Chorweiler: “Finally life begins again”

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Sadia Ali is happy. She got her vaccination on Liverpooler Platz in the middle of Chorweiler. “Life is finally starting again,” she says. A glimmer of hope in a difficult time. She has lived in Chorweiler for twelve years. Before the pandemic, she worked as a cleaner for a textile chain. Now she has no work.

On Tuesday, Sadia Ali, like many hundreds of others, used the vaccination offer that was set up at short notice because the incidence in Chorweiler is extremely high. The queues for those who want to be vaccinated are not as long as they were at the opening on Monday.

Impfling Sadia Ali in conversation with vaccination doctor Jürgen Zastrow

“But we have also become much faster, the processes have now been rehearsed. The offer has been very well received, ”says Jürgen Zastrow, head vaccination doctor in Cologne, who also helps here on site. 583 people were vaccinated in eight hours on the first day, and after just two hours, 250 people were vaccinated on the second day.

“I work as a fitter for sprinkler systems and have a lot of customer contact,” says a man in the queue. “I think it’s safer if I’m vaccinated. My wife has also been here. “


Maria and Anatoli C. are happy about the vaccination.

Maria and Anatoli C. come out of the vaccination area beaming. You can see her smile despite the mask. They come from Russia and hardly speak any German, but you can see the relief. Anatoli C. raises his thumb: “Wait ten minutes.” Where do you live? Right there in the skyscraper, they show.

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A young woman with her little daughter by the hand goes expectantly for the vaccination with the completed form. There is also a bit of nervousness. “Now you have to hold my hand,” she says to the daughter, laughing.


Lilianna Jolkowski also wants to be vaccinated. “That’s a great offer, I’ve already told my sister-in-law.” But there is a problem: Lilianna Jolkowski lives in the Seeberg district. Seeberg starts right across the street at Liverpooler Platz. The vaccination offer is only valid for residents of the Chorweiler district.

Seeberger are turned away

“That was communicated unhappily,” says Christine Kunkemöller from the youth welfare organization Stiftung Leuchtfeuer, which accompanies some people who want to be vaccinated. “Many think that the whole borough of Chorweiler is meant. And Chorweiler and Seeberg are felt to be one anyway. “

That was actually a bit misleading, says Zastrow. On the first day one was still generous, but now actually has to turn away those waiting. “There are discussions, but everything is very calm,” he says after consulting the security guards. They don’t have to keep things tidy on Liverpooler Platz – they have to advise and help.

In general, the mood is very relaxed, no one pushes, no one scolds. Many people do not speak German very well, but they are not left alone. There is a translator for Russian and interpreter Baker Schwani translates into Arabic and Kurdish.

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Interpreter Baker Schwani

He helps fill out the forms and answers questions. “The most common question is about the vaccine. Lots of people are scared of Astrazeneca. When they hear that Moderna are infected here, they are reassured. ”Explaining to people why Seeberg is left out is not easy, but there are no problems.

To be continued in other hotspots

The line has grown longer again, perhaps because some people have lunch break. Many teams of journalists have come to watch what is happening on Liverpooler Platz. Cologne’s approach to combating pandemics in hotspots has caused a stir nationwide. The offer on Liverpooler Platz will remain in place until Thursday. But it won’t stay with Chorweiler. Similar vaccination offers are also planned in Meschenich, Mülheim, Kalk and Finkenberg.



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