Vaccination is “decisive” to reduce the spread of flu and Covid-19 viruses

Vaccination against influenza and Covid-19 is critical to minimizing the risk of spreading viruses and decreasing the occurrence of serious illness. This is what the Directorate-General for Health says, in a statement calling for vaccination against the two diseases.

“It is expected, in the coldest months, the co-circulation of several respiratory viruses”, warns the DGS, “and the impact of low temperatures on the population’s health could also be verified”.

For this reason, users are being summoned, by message to their cell phone, to take the two vaccines simultaneously. If they are not eligible for Covid-19, they are only called up for the flu.

Those over 80 who have not yet been vaccinated against the flu and Covid-19 can themselves request an appointment, in a process similar to self-scheduling of the Covid-19 vaccine. To do so, simply access the portal .

“On the COVID-19 Portal, the administration of the two vaccines will be scheduled at the same time, but at the Vaccination Center the user can choose to take only one of them”, explains the DGS.

So far, 385,000 flu vaccines have been administered in Portugal. The additional dose of the Covid-19 vaccine has already been administered to 200,000 people.