Vaccination passport: particular challenges for sport

The practice of sport does not escape the application of the vaccination passport and in the associative environment, we are racking our brains to try to find the best way to apply this new measure which must come into force shortly.

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According to the Quebec Public Health directive, all adolescents 13 years of age and over must prove that they have been fully vaccinated, with the only exception being school activities involving young people from a single school.

At Soccer Quebec, the measure will be applied gradually from September 1 to 14. However, control could be more complicated in a park than at the entrance to a store, for example.

“It’s an issue,” revealed Mathieu Chamberland, general manager of Soccer Quebec, during an interview with Mario Dumont on the LCN channel, Wednesday. We are in the process of finding ways. ”

Watch out for volunteers

Mr. Chamberland, however, issues a warning: volunteers, whose presence is absolutely necessary, have already been at the heart of the survival of activities throughout the pandemic. A further burden, however, might discourage some.

“The other challenge is to try to make life easier for volunteers,” he said. The entire association sport movement is based on the involvement of volunteers. I would say that during the first three chapters of this pandemic, they were there, they were exceptional, and there, we are still asking them for this fourth wave. “

“We have to find a solution to make their lives easier. The aim is for young people to practice their activity in complete safety, but how can we facilitate this access to sport without it being too restrictive? ”

One solution put forward by Mr. Chamberland could be to ask for the vaccination passport only once when registering at the start of the season to avoid asking for it again before each training session or each match.

On another note, Soccer Quebec is satisfied with the current summer season, which has made it possible to regain some normalcy after a difficult 2020.

“We are slowly recovering from the pandemic, even if it is not yet 100% recovered,” said Mr. Chamberland.