Vaccination with the 4th dose will start earlier. People at risk go first

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Jitka Bodláková would like to register her 80-year-old mother for the fourth dose of vaccination against the coronavirus, as she was already on the third dose as a patient from the risk group last fall.

“I have heard the opinions of various experts and vaccinologists that old people should be revaccinated, because the covid wave will probably start earlier than autumn. So I registered my mother and ordered,” she describes for Seznam Zprávy.

But she got a text message back that she couldn’t get the second strengthening dose.

“That’s why I called the 1221 infoline, where they told me that a lot of people call them every day about the fourth dose, but the system doesn’t allow them to make a reservation for the fourth dose yet,” she adds.

Patients also call hospitals that still operate vaccination centers asking how they could register for the fourth dose.

“We are recording questions regarding the possibility of vaccination with the fourth dose in our vaccination center,” confirms the spokesperson of the Ostrava University Hospital Iva Piskalová.

People also inquire at the Brno University Hospital at St. Anne. They are getting ready for the fourth dose of vaccination there, but they can’t administer it yet.

“The vaccination center is in operation at our hospital, so as soon as the Ministry of Health approves vaccination with the fourth dose, we can vaccinate,” explains spokesperson Jiří Erlebach.

EMA: Fourth dose for people over 60

The health resort plans to start vaccination with the fourth dose in the second half of August. He originally did not count on advance reservations, but the summer spread of covid and interest in the fourth dose among citizens led him to start thinking about it.

In a joint report with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on Monday, the EMA recommended giving a second booster dose of the covid vaccination to people over 60 and other risk groups.

The same opinion previously applied to people over 80 years old. At the same time, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides called on member states to immediately introduce a second booster vaccination for these groups.

In the case of the Czech Republic, registration for vaccination will be the same as before: interested parties will register in the Central Reservation System and wait for the vaccination date to be assigned at the selected vaccination center.

“However, it is important to mention that the protective effect of the fourth dose is most effective within four to five months after application. It still applies that the main part of the vaccination of the second booster doses should take place only in the fall,” adds Pavlovic.

Europe vaccinates, the Czechia waits

Nevertheless, the fourth dose is already being vaccinated in a number of EU countries. In France, people over 60 can receive it, in Denmark over 50, and in Portugal those over 35. Vaccination also takes place in Germany, Poland, Austria or Slovakia.

“I will push the expertise and medicine with all my might. I think a certain humility of politicians is needed for expert recommendations and scientific data,” he said today, referring to his medical erudition Válek.

The Czechia, however, approaches covid differently compared to all its neighbors. It is the only one that does not mandate the wearing of respirators even in hospitals or homes for the elderly. At the same time, it remains alone in access to the fourth dose of vaccination – it is not yet offered even to people over 80 or those with weakened immunity.