VACCINE COVID-19 | What is the new WHO Information on the coronavirus vaccine that generated uncertainty

Although in some countries “the new normal” is already underway, in others the drastic measures continue. And it is that the vaccine seems to be the only solution, since every day, the number of infected grows.

Experts and scientists work hard to find the vaccine. In fact, there are 17 candidate vaccines against COVID-19 that are in clinical trials. Progress has been positive and they have stated so.

However, there is an important factor that has given us something to talk about. The time it will take until some of them are ready to be used on a large scale is still uncertain. This was stated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We are encouraged by the progression these candidate vaccines have made through clinical evaluations. We hope to have better results. Whether or not we will have a vaccine in a given time will depend on factors that we cannot anticipate.”

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan commented that there is an impressive volume of work dedicated to fighting the pandemic. She also revealed that there are days when they publish up to 500 essays, although “not all of the same quality.”

The truth is that the meeting confirmed that the investigations are concentrated in developed states. Therefore, the need to involve scientific institutions in developing countries and encourage them to carry out their own studies was raised.

On the other hand, Swaminathan addressed the complex question of the rate of infected, since from the first months of the pandemic it is assumed that it is much higher than that presented by the statistics of the countries.

This in view of the fact that an as yet undetermined proportion of contaminated persons are asymptomatic or present symptoms so mild that they pass a diagnostic test.

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