Václav Šorel, the author of famous cut-outs and comics, died

Václav Šorel originally made his living as a designer at Avia. In 1984, he joined the children’s magazine ABC and began creating popular cut-outs. He later became deputy editor-in-chief.

He was also known for his writing and screenwriting activities, comics such as the Brain Riot, Operation Jericho or Galaxia belong to cult pieces in the Czech environment. Several novels came out of his pen.

Even after leaving Avia, he did not betray himself in aviation and promoted it all his life, he wrote several publications about it. He has been retired since 1999, but he still published books.

At the beginning of this year, Šorela began to suffer from health problems. When he suffered a stroke in January, a collection for costly rehabilitation was even set up. His fans sent him a total of 700 thousand crowns.

Šorel was the holder of the Syndicate of Journalists Award, specifically the club of aviation journalists for the two-part Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak Aviation, and the Prague 18 Award for cultural activities.


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