Val-d’Oise: the health pass required at the entrance to eight shopping centers of more than 20,000 m²

The measurement had been in the air for several days due to the degradation of the indicators. It is now official, from this Monday, the health pass will be required at the entrance to shopping centers in Val-d’Oise of more than 20,000 m². The prefectural decree was taken this Saturday. A decision following the increase in the incidence rate, which has continued to increase for several days. The department has thus gone from 179 new positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants on August 6 to 200 this Saturday. “In Val-d’Oise, like the national territory, the health situation has deteriorated again in recent weeks,” explains the prefecture. In the department, the incidence rate, in constant increase, is since this day higher than 200, threshold from which the government asked that the prefects impose by decree the application of the sanitary pass in the shopping centers of more of 20,000 m². ”

Eight centers in the department are affected by the decree: Côté Seine, in Argenteuil, les 3-Fontaines, in Cergy, Ikea, in Franconville and Gonesse, Leclerc Modo, in Moisselles, Carrefour, in Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, MyPlace , in Sarcelles, and the gates of Taverny.

A decision that is not unanimous among customers and traders in the various centers. And especially those crossed this Sunday morning in the sparse alleys of 3-Fontaines, in Cergy. On the shops side, many fear a negative effect on sales.

“The real test will be the end of August”

“There will be a lot less people, fears Emma, ​​saleswoman of a ready-to-wear store. We do not yet know the extent of the loss, but there will be one, for sure. “” We suspected, but it takes everyone short, specifies Isabelle, in another clothing store. The fear is that people will go to smaller centers. We will see the impact on Monday, even if it is not necessarily a representative week. The real test will be at the end of August. “

A concern shared by Aramata, a saleswoman in an accessories store. “We are shocked,” breathes the young woman, met a little after noon. Several clients have already told me that they will no longer come. Already that there is nobody in this period… Since this morning, I sold for 44 euros… ”“ Apart from the tidying up, I do not know what we are going to do, loose Amadys, employee of a jewelry store. We were hoping for a comeback in September, with perhaps the end of teleworking to find customers. It’s going to be complicated. “

Among customers, opinions are divided. “We have been warned for a long time, breathes Michelle leaving the center. I have my pass. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, it’s your right, but you know what to expect. “” It’s normal, slips Abou. I got vaccinated as soon as I could. This is the only way out of it all. “

“All of Cergy does their shopping here”

Crossed in the aisles, Ghislain and Marie-Laure are discussing the subject. “I don’t find that normal,” sighs the young man. They do everything to force us to be vaccinated. We will go elsewhere, in small stores. “The government should favor dialogue, advocates a retired couple. As soon as you force people, they steer. “

Some regret the measure, but are resigned. “I am totally against it, but we have no choice, loose Maëva, a young mother who received her first dose of vaccine. We live in a dictatorship. But if you don’t want to stop yourself from living, you have to do it. Otherwise we can’t do anything. “

The pass must be presented at the entrance to the center. The certificate will therefore also be necessary to get to the Auchan store. “How are we going to eat, already worries Dahya. The shops, we can do without. But food is different. All of Cergy does its shopping here. “