Val Kilmer on his return as Iceman in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’


Of course, protagonist and daredevil Tom Cruise returns for the Top Gun sequel, titled Maverick† The blockbuster starring the much-loved actor will be out this summer, but he’s not the only household name making a return.

Although director Joseph Kosinski said he didn’t want to bring all the old faces back for the sequel (for example, Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan won’t be seen in the sequel), Val Kilmers Iceman will make a reappearance. The actor is also overjoyed that he was asked back.

In a recent interview, Kilmer spoke out: “To be able to return as Ice after three decades is really great. It’s like seeing a friend again that I haven’t seen for many years. You never really say goodbye to your best characters, they really stick with you so to be able to play Ice again is really unbelievable“.

I have only good memories of my collaborations with producers Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer but of course also with Tony Scott and Tom Cruise. Rick Rossovich played Slider and he’s so unbelievably funny, but Barry Tubb as Wolfman was also welcome. We laughed so much together“.

Not so much
While Kilmer also enjoyed filming the second part, he hasn’t seen Cruise on set very much: “We both really enjoyed it again, but we didn’t spend a lot of time together“.

This is of course not very crazy, because Tom is in almost every scene. And when he’s not filming, he’s training. He would fly, or play sports, or sing, or ride his motorcycle and dozens of other things. He is always busy!

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