Valais has 403 new citizens

Estelle Daven

PR journalist

Valais welcomes 403 new citizens. They were sworn in at the multipurpose hall of Conthey during a ceremony chaired by the State Councilor in charge of security, institutions and sport Frédéric Favre.

Valais has 403 new citizens. Chaired by State Councilor Frédéric Favre, head of the security, institutions and sport department, the swearing-in ceremony took place at the multipurpose hall in Conthey.

The Grand Council accepted these applications for ordinary naturalization on May 11, after an examination by the municipalities concerned and then by the Confederation. Statistically, foreign applicants come from 42 countries. The most numerous are nationals of France, Portugal and Italy. They were respectively 74, 65 and 30. As for 29 of these new Valais citizens, they were already Swiss.

2023-06-05 15:13:32
Valais has 403 new citizens

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