Valencia has sent a letter to UEFA, with a copy to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), in which it expresses its disagreement with the system chosen by the Spanish football body to designate the clubs that would participate in European competitions next season if finally the League is not over.

The federation chaired by Luis Rubiales revealed on Thursday that it has sent a proposal to UEFA that designates the clubs that would play the different continental competitions based on the current classification, set after the last day played on March 8, the twenty-seventh of the league.

Sources from the Valencian club explained that the FEF attributes competencies that it does not have to validate a provisional classification; an argument that, as they point out, they share with LaLiga.

In addition, they showed their displeasure at the unilateral nature of the Federation to choose this designation system, and stressed that at the moment there are no arguments for that system to be the one that will serve to decide the champion of the competition or the category drops.

From the Mestalla club they were also surprised that the FEF defends its system with the argument that it gives legal security, being a rule to abide by because that same security would be with any other system that had been found.


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