Valenciennes supporters protest before the match against Dijon

Gathered in a bar adjoining the Stade du Hainaut, this Saturday before VAFC-Dijon, several members of the NOVA collective (New Objective For VA), protested against the management of the club by the current president, Eddy Zdziech. This group made up of several hundred members, subscribers or independents, all hostile to the management of the club in place, used humor to denounce the indemnities paid by the Hainaut club in recent years to many former coaches or managers, all dismissed. .

A few weeks ago, these supporters, very involved on social networks, had already posted billboards in town announcing the upcoming sale of the club. This Saturday, they organized fictitious signings of hiring fans by the club. Then, faces covered with masks, they posed. On their chests was a sticker with the amounts of the convictions that the VAFC had to pay to the interested parties (including former goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau, ex-assistant GM Pierre Wantiez, ex-coaches Faruk Hazdibegic and Bernard Casoni ), after convictions before the industrial tribunal. As a reminder, as we had written, the VAFC placed itself under the confidential protection of the commercial court of the city concerning at least two of its creditors, Pierre Wantiez and Nicolas Penneteau. A judicial administrator is in charge of negotiating and/or finding a financial solution.

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