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Valentin Yudashkin – a legend that even cancer did not break

Valentin Yudashkin // Photo: Legion MediaEgo is called Russian Drink Cardin, and for the right to defile in the works by Valentin Yudashkin, the most top models fight on the catwalk. He is a talented friend who is glad to see literally in every star house. And yet – the most ordinary person, whose life is devoted to the world of high fashion, outside of which his wife, children and grandchildren are always patiently waiting for him.
Valentin Abramovich was born 55 years ago in the village of Bakovka. Since childhood, the future couturier was fond of drawing, and already in childhood he created his first sketches of clothing. While peers were chasing the ball in the yard, he spent all his free time, bending over white sheets of paper and a sewing machine, and when he graduated from school, he entered the Moscow Industrial Technical School at the modeling department, being the only man.
Valentin Yudashkin opened his first atelier by selling Zhiguli, and in 1987 he showed his talent to the public for the first time. Alla Pugacheva and Valentin Yudashkin have been friends for many years // Photo: Legion Media 90s outfits from Yudashkin became a real hit of secular society . Couturier created stage costumes for Philip Kirkorov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Natalya Vetlitskaya and Alla Pugacheva. A talented fashion designer met with a prima donna during one of his first shows – in the 80s at the Olimpiyskiy he was preparing a new collection for the presentation, and she performed a concert.

“Alla Pugacheva is not one of those women who run after fashion. This is happiness. She is independent and intellectual, although rather desperate: she can wear anything, ”Yudashkin confessed. Who does not associate the“ woman who sings ”to this day with a short black robe? Few people know that in 1994 she received a monophonic dress from Valentin Abramovich, and since then she became infected with a love for mini. By the way, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fashion house Valentin Yudashkin Alla Borisovna came in the same legendary dress, paying tribute to her beloved fashion designer. Galina Yudashkina became the creative director of the fashion house Valentin Yudashkin // Photo: Legion Media events. What can we say, every fashionable reception is constantly heard whispering among the beau monde – "it seems this is his last way out." Two years ago, the couturier, unexpectedly for all, did not appear for the first time at his own fashion show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. At the end of the defile, according to tradition, the guests were ready to shower the famous Russian with applause, but he never bowed to him.
Then they began to say that the master was prevented by serious health problems. And later it turned out that Yudashkin was indeed urgently operated on because of kidney problems. “I think that all living people and people get sick. We are all under God, and you never know what will be and how it will be, ”said the designer. He still does not discuss his terrible diagnosis, but his friends have not hidden for a long time – the doctors diagnosed Yudashkin with cancer. “Trouble has come to our house. Of course, the first thing that comes is a shock. Or questions about why this happened, – Philip Kirkorov admitted. – Thank God that it happened early, and we managed. Things could be much worse. We were all struck by the courage with which Valentine and Marina took it. How they all survived, held on and over. ”
Valentin Yudashkin first spoke about the operation
Many say that the designer has recently started to look bad due to illness // Photo: InstagramIt has since, despite positive forecasts, the maitre is literally melting before our eyes – his lush head of hair has disappeared overnight, gray hair and bald patches have appeared, he has lost much weight , and under the eyes lay a deep blue.
“Many asked how their relatives Vali Yudashkin could miss the spread of metastasis? And he was not observed. If Valentine had only dropped into the hospital for a couple of hours, he would have passed the tests, there would have been no problems. But we always have no time. Thank God, the doctor managed to save him. True, they took away a kidney, part of the lung, cleaned the stomach completely, ”shortly before his death, Joseph Kobzon shared his life, and the same merciless illness took his life. Joseph Kobzon and Valentin Yudashkin // Photo: Legion Media And his salvation is work and a podium. So, in early October, the couturier presented a new collection in Paris. “We tried to combine the French mood of today with a Japanese cut and bring femininity back to the podium. The time of today, we see, is very aggressive. I can not say that it is not beautiful or not fashionable. But it is important to have some symbols, and the symbol is a woman, ”the designer admitted.
And his women – wife Marina and daughter Galina – this is the very strong rear and reliable support. Valentin Yudashkin with his wife, daughter and son-in-law // Photo: InstagramUnlike many star colleagues, Valentin Abramovich was only once involved in a major scandal. In March 2015, in the very center of the capital, an underground casino was found in the apartment of Marina Yudashkina. The owner of 158 square meters then stated that the apartments were rented for a long time, and the resonant matter was quickly hushed up. Half a year after the withdrawal of the slot machines, the spouses made expensive repairs, after which they presented the living space to their daughter Galina, in whom she now lives with her husband, Peter Maksakov, and two children, two-year-old Anatoly and half-year-old Arkady.
Friends of Valentin Yudashkin have always noted that, despite worldwide recognition, the couturier had an incredible feature – to remain a modest and family man. His biography does not find a single line about numerous novels or broken hearts. He loved only once – his wife Marina. He made her a marriage proposal three days after they met her, and personally, contrary to bad omens, sewed a wedding dress for her, decorating it with live orchids. For her sake, she abandoned her career as a stylist, and since then has given him confidence – she can do absolutely anything with her, even defeat cancer.


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