Valentina Quintero will continue her adventure from her YouTube channel

The Venezuelan journalist and explorer Valentina Quintero still wants to eat the world to her heart’s content, but above all to share her adventures with her followers. And on the occasion of her 68th birthday, the television presenter also decided to open her own channel on YouTube, where she will continue doing what she is most passionate about: chronicling the country’s landscape, gastronomy and cultural riches. .

«Today I turn 68 and I am the one who wants to give you a gift: My YouTube channel. The authentic democratization of the stories of the Venezuelans that I want to tell. Of the people who build VENEZUELA from here and in the world, because we are all united by a sense of rootedness and unbeatable stubbornness, “said Quintero on his Instagram account.

The first chapter, entitled “I am Valentina Quintero”, is already available on the platform with a duration of 32 minutes and 29 seconds. This time he addresses topics such as: How are oysters removed from Macanao (Nueva Esparta)? What is life like when you love what you do? Reasons to move to Margarita, the conquest of his true love, among others.

Every Sunday!

“It will be available on the entire planet. I want them to see it at the same time as those who will be in the Cultural Trasnocho, you who have followed me and believed in me for so many years and all those who want to know about our land, “added Valentina.

In addition to expressing his gratitude to his team and sponsors, he reported that every Sunday, starting on July 3, there will be a new chapter on the platform starting at 11:00 in the morning.

«I am Valentina Quintero, Venezuelan, journalist turned youtuber to share the stories of Venezuelans who continue to build here on our land. I want the whole world to know that Venezuela is still alive (…) », she commented at the end of the first chapter.

A very nice birthday

As mentioned above, Valentina Quintero celebrates her 68th birthday, so she did not stop receiving flowers from her most loyal and consistent followers, in addition to countless congratulations on her new project.

“Ayyyyy, what an emotion”; “Congratulations! Going forward! For many more to be able to continue kicking the street! »; «What a beauty, happy birthday Valentina. Keep showing us the best of Venezuela and leaving our country high! A big hug », were some of the reactions of Internet users.

His friends also spoke with this special event, among them the actress Daniela Alvarado.

“This wonder of a woman had her birthday yesterday, and she also launched her YouTube channel.
Valenquina Quintero will make them travel through Venezuela, but above all, she will give them the most beautiful thing about this country, its people. The one that works, the one that fights, the one that follows, the one that does not let itself be defeated, the people that are planted in Venezuela. How beautiful it is to have the opportunity to see and meet a woman who made the simple decision to BE HAPPY. Subscribe to her channel », mentioned the young actress.