Valentino Alfa Serves as Medan Police Chief, Replaces Riko Sunarko

Medan, CNN Indonesia

Kombes Pol Valentino Alfa Tatareda now serves as Kapolrestabes Medan replaces Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko who was transferred to the Middle Policy Analyst for Deputy Director of Divpropam Polri Headquarters.

The mutation is in accordance with the Telegram Letter of the Chief of Police Number: ST/165/I/KEP/2022 Date: 24-1-2022.

Kombes Pol Valentino Alfa Tatareda previously held the position of Traffic Director of the North Sumatra Police. Meanwhile, the position of Director of Traffic at the North Sumatra Police will be filled by Kombes Pol. Indra Darmawan Iriyanto, who still serves as Head of Sub-Directorate of BPKB Ditregident of Korlantas Polri.

The Head of Public Relations of the North Sumatra Police, Kombes Pol Hadi Wahyudi, confirmed the transfer of positions.

“Yes, that’s right. The North Sumatra Police Director of Traffic was appointed by the National Police Chief as the Medan Police Chief,” said Hadi, Tuesday (25/1).

Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko was caught in the bribery case of Rp. 300 million from Imayanti, the wife of a drug dealer, which was carried out by his members at the Medan Polrestabes Satnarkoba. The North Sumatra Police Chief, Inspector General of Police RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak officially removed Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko from his position on Friday (21/1/2022).

“I need to convey that for an objective examination I have withdrawn the Medan Police Chief to continue the examination process at the North Sumatran Police. For the task, I appointed the North Sumatran Police’s Irwasda, Pol. Comr. Armia Fahmi,” said Panca at a press conference at the North Sumatran Police Headquarters, Friday (21/1). /2022) night.

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Panca said Riko’s removal was aimed at facilitating the investigation process by the Propam Division of Headquarters and the Propam Division of the North Sumatra Police regarding the alleged bribery case from Imayanti.

“There are three cases that the North Sumatra Police continue to investigate, including embezzlement of funds of Rp. 650 million, narcotics and bribes of Rp. 300 million. All these three cases are based on the Police’s professional code of ethics, which have been tried,” he explained.

However, Panca added that Riko Sunarko was not proven to have splashed Imayanti’s bribe money. However, Riko Sunarko is also responsible for not supervising the activities of his subordinates in drug cases.

“What we are currently investigating is the supervision from the Medan Police Chief regarding the activities of his subordinates, including the burden that must be borne by paying for motorbikes,” he explained.

For the Rp 300 million bribe, the Medan Police Narcotics Unit investigators stopped the investigation into Imayanti’s involvement in her husband’s illicit business case which was handled by the Medan Polrestabes Narcotics Unit.

The three findings of the violation were allegedly carried out by the Medan Police Narcotics Head, Kompol Oloan Siahaan; Head of the Satnarkoba Polrestabes Medan AKP Paul Simamora; and five former members of the Medan Polrestabes Satnarkoba, namely Brigadier Rikardo Siahaan, Iptu Toto Hartono, Aiptu Matredy Naibaho, Aiptu Dudi Efni and Aipda Marjuki Ritonga.

The Rp 300 million bribe was partly used for Wasrik, a Press Release activity, to buy a motorbike for a member of the 13 Percut Sei Tuan Koramil, Elieser Sitorus who thwarted the circulation of 13 kilograms of marijuana at the Medan Police Headquarters on June 14, 2021.

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