Valerie Domínguez was filled with criticism for being scantily clad while exercising

Valerie Dominguez She is a well-remembered former beauty queen, actress and presenter who was part of some national productions such as ‘Gentlemen prefer brutes’, ‘Until money separates us’, ‘My name is’ among others.

Although he was not part of the big screen again, this has not been an impediment for him to have decided to venture into the digital sphere with his partner ‘El Pollo’ Juan David Echeverry with whom he has been in a relationship for several years.

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Although Valerie tries to make all kinds of content through her Instagram account, her greatest passion always turns out to be exercise, a taste she shares with her partner and now with her son Thiago. On this occasion, the ex-beauty queen was the center of criticism when sharing an exercise that she sought to carry out with the little one, but this was not what attracted attention, but rather, it was that he was in a bathing suit.

In the face of the series of comments, Domínguez did not remain silent and ended up responding to her detractors, taking into account that it is not the first time that they have judged her appearances. The Internet user indicated according to her, with great respect: “Why should you exercise almost naked, is exercise more effective?”

The actress indicated that with all due respect she answered the question, indicating that she is in a house on the beach, she likes to exercise in this way: “I really don’t understand why some people are bothered, I think everyone does what they want with their lives with their bodies.” Likewise, he assured that what bothers them is because there is a denial of themselves, asking them to review themselves.

Juan David Echeverry for several years worked as a model for several important brands. He has always been clear about his love for exercise, which led him to become an entrepreneur and creator of fitness content, gaining great recognition on social networks.

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The relationship between the couple occurred virtually taking into account the Coronavirus pandemic that crossed the world. During a live, apparently, they became friends, then they began to meet, with Valerie taking the first steps. Given the undoubted chemistry they decided to live together and some time later they confirmed the arrival of their first son Thiago.

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