Valery and Evgeniya Didyulya are getting divorced

The singer exposed her tyrant husband

In the field of the domestic show business, another divorce occurred, and, as usual, it was not without a scandal. Singer Evgenia Didyulya, performing under the pseudonym Evgenika, announced her departure from her husband, musician Valery Didyulya, founder of the group “DiDyuLya”. The 33-year-old artist claims that her happy-looking seven-year marriage was a sheer nightmare, and her husband was a real abuser, according to the 360 ​​channel.

Evgenia wrote a lengthy post about her misadventures on Instagram, complaining that she had finally decided to part with Valery, who constantly intimidated, humiliated, insulted her, asserted himself at her expense and, apparently, even beat her.

“Fearfully? And then! Of course, scary for yourself, for your child, for your future! But dads are not afraid! As a rule, they begin to intimidate long before the divorce itself, in advance, if only you were a silk slave with him and were afraid of losing him, ”said Evgenia.

The artist lamented that she did not immediately find the courage to end this painful relationship, because she was not sure of herself. But in the summer, the star couple celebrated their wedding anniversary and the artist sang praises to her husband. Now the singer is determined to live alone and encourages women who endure domestic violence to follow her example.

“Someone says: what about me without him ?! Seriously? Without abuse? tears? without cheating? beatings? humiliation? my girl, have you forgotten how you used to live in happiness and joy ??? ” – she turned to subscribers.

Meanwhile, the story of Eugenia is not yet over and she, apparently, will have a difficult divorce and litigation due to property and a young daughter. The interests of the artist will be represented by lawyer Zhanna Margulis, who recently dealt with the case of Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny.

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