Valncia and the Valencia Interior consortium, examples of selective collection

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The general direction of Climate Change and Environmental Quality highlights that the measures to improve municipal selective collections adopted in previous years, as well as those planned and under development in this year, “are having and will play a fundamental role in the autonomous balances of domestic waste management ». As examples, he pointed out the selective collections of containers or glass, which in the midst of a pandemic, “continue with the processes of reinforcement of containerization and service, in areas such as Castellón de la Plana, Valencia or Valencia inland, among others”.

Precisely from the Valencia Interior Consortium, it was pointed out a few days ago that the confinement of citizens in their homes “has changed the way in which citizens separate waste.”

More in blue and yellow

«When analyzing the global data of the five regions of the Valencia Interior Consortium in March and April 2020 compared to the same months of 2019, it is noted that, despite the confinement, the amount of the remaining fraction (gray garbage bag) is similar (3% more). However, when studying what was collected by the CVI in the blue container, in these two months of 2020, 17% more were collected than in March and April of the previous year. When measuring the increase in the yellow container, the variation is even greater, up to 29% more light packaging collected in March and April 2010 compared to such months of 2019, “they explain.

Changes in green

As for the glass container, with the stoppage of the activity of the hospitality sector (50% of the generation of glass containers) the place where bottles and bottles appear has been modified, with overflowing containers that were previously half empty and vice versa.



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