However, the NDMA scores found in the batches analyzed by Zhejiang Tianyu are significantly lower than those of Zhejiang Huahai. The agency is now working closely with international partners to determine which batches are so heavily contaminated. The public will be informed as soon as further information is available. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is currently investigating whether batches sold in Germany are affected. Results are not yet available, but the agency wants to announce later in the evening whether manufacturers in this country are affected. Originally, a new production process at Zhejiang Huahai had been blamed for the global recalls in July. That now suddenly other companies are affected, the conclusion can be concluded that the Chinese manufacturer has shared its technology with other suppliers – or that the problem can emerge in other synthetic routes. Already yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration had announced that also in Valsartan preparations NDMA was discovered in which the active ingredient came from the Indian manufacturer Hetero Labs. The FDA then updated Combin Pharmaceuticals' recall list in the US. Nevertheless, not all valsartan-containing medicines are affected.


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