Valve announces subscription service Dota Plus for Dota 2

Valve announces subscription service Dota Plus for Dota

Valve shared the details of the new subscription service Dota Plus for Dota 2, which will allow “to get from each match as much as possible.” It will cost players $ 4 per month or cheaper, if you subscribe immediately for six or twelve months.

As he writes in blog Valve, Dota Plus is a continuation of the idea of ​​combat passes. Previously, there were two types: some associated with major tournaments, others with International. After the introduction of the competitive season, it was decided to launch a new service that does not have start and end dates, but which in time offers more and more new features and content.
Dota Plus – “continuous service with features that allow you to monitor your progress and improve.” Players will be able to improve their performance and earn shards – a new currency for which rewards are sold. Hundreds of trials of varying complexity will be offered, and a special assistant will be able to advise subjects and abilities based on data collected in millions of recent games of various ranks.

“You can better understand your style of play, using new charts and analysis tools, both during the match and after it” , – adds Valve. Also, the weekly battle cup is returned with the update – the ticket for it is sold for $ 1, but for subscribers of Dota Plus the pass is free.

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