Valve’s classic Portal game gets an RTX boost to showcase NVIDIA’s new tech

Portal with RTX

Although it may be difficult to see a sequel to the Portal series because Valve refuses to count to 3, NVIDIA today brought us a new way to experience the classic old game Portal, published a name A mod for Portal with RTX that brings the latest real-time RTX ray tracing technology and DLSS 3 from RTX 40 (Ada) to Portal. Judging from the short trailer, this is mainly reflected in the shimmering light generated by the portal, as well as the light and shadow generated by energy balls, “companion cubes”, etc.

In order to achieve this effect, NVIDIA has introduced a platform called “RTX Remix”, so that modders who intend to modify old games can input the game into the RTX Remix platform, use AI to enhance materials and create customized objects in Omniverse, and then Output the finished product. When it comes to the game side, NVIDIA will let the game continue to execute in the background, but replace the old rendering API and system with the RTX 64-bit renderer, so that the old game can also smoothly add ray tracing, and have correct light reflection, light effects such as transmission.

However, compared to the RTX version of “Minecraft”, the significance of enhancing the light and shadow effects on “Portal” is somewhat unclear. Not only is “Portal” itself a physical game, the enhanced light and shadow effects will not particularly enhance the game experience, but “Portal” is a game launched in 2007 and developed with the Source engine in 2004. When “Portal” was launched, the game was not particularly difficult, so it was probably difficult for players to realize that adding RTX was difficult.

RTX Cake

RTX Cake

Regardless, Portal with RTX will be available as free DLC in November for players who have already purchased Portal. Friends who are interested in re-starting the journey of finding (light chasing) cakes in the world of modern light and shadow rendering can download and take a look at it.