Van Hooijdonk praises former SC Heerenveen talent:…

Pierre van Hooijdonk
Foto: © Orange Pictures

Oussama Tannane would not look out of place at Feyenoord. That is the opinion of Rafael van der VaartIbrahim Afellay and Pierre van Hooijdonk. The attacking midfielder – who played for SC Heerenveen in the past – made an impression during the match between NEC and FC Twente.

“He was good, wasn’t he? Unbelievable! What he was doing, dude… This was why we attribute so many qualities to him. He was phenomenal,” says Van Hooijdonk at Studio Footballafter which Afellay hooked up: “This boy can just join the top three. Purely based on his qualities. It’s not about that.”

Van der Vaart calls the player a ‘stubborn bastard’. “He just does his own thing, you shouldn’t want to adjust that. He’s an annoying boy, but he’s the best everywhere. If he’s going to play at Feyenoord, he’s also the best. He’s so good. But do you get that behavior goes away, then it becomes an ideal pro. Then he can’t get it out anymore. He just needs that a little bit.”

Van Hooijdonk agrees with his colleague, but Tannane’s behavior has caused problems several times in the past. As a result, he may not get the most out of his career, according to the former attacker. “When he stops, he will always hear: “You could have played at Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV”. Everywhere he starts like a rocket. Then there is a turning point and he loses the leg. Then he gets into a fight.”