Vanessa de la Torre was attacked for congratulating the Minister of Health on her birthday

Vanessa de La Torre She is one of the most recognized Colombian journalists. It was her passing through Noticias Caracol that made her the face of the news for years, where she earned the affection of viewers. However, one of his trills through the social network Twitter sparked controversy. People did not forgive him for sending ‘extremely close’ messages to the health ministerCarolina Corcho.

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Yesterday, April 13, the head of the health portfolio was turning 40 years old, the fact was disclosed in all the media and the woman received everything from flattery to scolding. One of those messages was trilled by the journalist Vanessa de La Torre: “Happy birthday Minister Carolina Corcho”published the communicator on her social networks. What she did not think is that her followers would question her.

“Lambona, Chupamedias” or “lamellae” were some of the attacks that the woman received. The post received more than a thousand comments on Twitter. Apparently, the main reason she became the target of attacks was for publicly showing too much closeness to a person who is part of the Government.

According to journalistic ethics, It is not well seen that the media and their journalists have ties of extreme trust with governments. It is one of the raison d’être of communicators to demonstrate independence, objectivity and respect. When these ethical codes are violated, the information transmitted to citizens is not reliable.

“This Colombian journalism is laughable. They are a cartoon. Literal”. Commented a citizen. Another added: “There is no doubt about journalistic “independence””. People reproached him for the congratulatory message.

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Vanessa, seeing herself in the midst of criticism, came out to defend herself and added: “I am not a friend nor did I go to her birthday but they shared this photo with me and I wish her a happy birthday. It can’t be done? Oh really? Are we that bad?”. He concluded.

People questioned why they congratulated someone they don’t know, if normally on special dates it is only done with those closest to them. It is believed that journalism is a public service, that it is due to its audience and must be disinterested. However, this case aroused the outrage of some people for this alleged and suspicious closeness.

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2023-04-14 21:24:59