Vanga predicted a nuclear disaster in 2023 – Gossip

  • September 21, 2022

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  • A nuclear disaster will hit Earth in 2023. These words were attributed to grandmother Vanga, it is clear from a material published in the British newspaper “The Sun”.

    The publication states that the Bulgarian prophetess never officially made predictions and that there are no recorded ones anywhere, referring to the stories of random people. Let the people have one thing in mind about Vanga’s words, “Son” also points out, quoted by “Bulgaria Today”.

    The scary predictions of Nostradamus for 2023

    We remind you that today Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a special address in which he blamed the West for the war between Russia and Ukraine. He announced a partial mobilization in Russia and threatened NATO that Russia would use all its available weapons.

    “Citizens of Russia can be sure that the territorial integrity of our homeland, our independence and freedom will be ensured, I emphasize this again, by all the means at our disposal. And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons must to know that the wind rose can turn in their direction,” the Russian president said in a statement.

    Teodora Pavlova