Sports "VAR is a great lie"

“VAR is a great lie”


The discomfort with the VAR It is not something exclusive to the Spanish League. Video arbitration is used in all major European championships and criticism is unanimous. They are usually masked by referring to a bad application of technology and the following request is a revision of the standards, but The overall conclusion is that the VAR has not improved much. Neither in Germany, nor in France, nor in Italy nor in England, where it has premiered this season. The Premier cries out against an obtuse system.

The Christmas section was the best example of the convulsion that is lived in England with an innovation defended at the beginning by some technicians and now reviled by almost everyone, starting with Pep Guardiola. “The VAR is a total disaster. Every weekend fails. Luckily, the next campaign will work much better, “the City coach said after the game against Sheffield United on December 29.

“This is no longer football”

The Catalan coach’s stick had his crumb, since his team won 2-0 and Pep referred to a goal annulled to the opponent by an out of play millimeter impossible to see. That situation caused that the fans of both teams joined in a blunt chant against the VAR: “This is no longer football.”

It has not been the only slit of Guardiola, who lost the forms, for example, in the duel against Liverpool in November. In Anfield he suffered a blow (3-1) and charged hard against the head of the VAR referees, Mike Riley, by two hands of Alexander-Arnold. That defeat left the City nine points behind the reds. Now march to 16.

The evasion of the referees

The Premier system has differences with Spanish. Its main virtue is that it is faster and the viewer can see the lines of the offside game almost immediately. The main referee, however, cannot consult the plays on a screen as it is done in Spain. The decision is made by the VAR assistant in the imaging room and communicated to the party’s referee.

José Mourinho has been one of the toughest With the English protocol. “They taught us that it was only for an obvious mistake. It is being misapplied. The VAR kills the game. It should only be worth it if the stadium’s 65,000 spectators match, but it is not. It is a big lie”, said the Tottenham coach, who even advocates a name change. “The referees are no longer referees. I think that the VAR should modify its acronym because it is not an assistant to the referee. The word ‘assistant’ must be eliminated because they are the real referees.”

“Nothing is as before”

Until Jurgen Klopp, the leader’s technician, criticizes that evasion. “Nothing is as before. The referee no longer makes decisions. We have a serious problem here,” said the Liverpool coach after a draw against United. He was quieter in his triumph for the minimum of December 29 against a Wolverhampton who tied with a goal annulled by a very tight position.

The gameplay is the great workhorse of the Premier. Only on the day of Boxing Day were complaints of Brighton, Norwich, Sheffield, Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton accumulated by situations that reinforce the thesis of Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, one of the most critical of the VAR. “If you have a big nose you will always be out of play. Also, the lines draw them from the room. It is subjective. Our purpose will be to give a margin of 10 or 20 centimeters. For me it is not correct to call an offside if it is for an inch, “said the Slovenian leader.

“The referee is not a psychiatrist”

Ceferin does not stop in that regard. It also points to the hands revealing an experiment. In a meeting with the best technicians in the world, UEFA arbitration chief Roberto Rosetti put a video with a possible hand that he put to the vote. “Half said yes and half said no. It is a rule that is not clear. We do not know anything! The referee is not a psychiatrist who knows if you have done it on purpose or not. “

Despite his regrets, the UEFA president does not go back. “I would have liked football to remain as it was for 100 years. I am not a VAR fan, but if we say now that we take it away, they kill us “, recognizes Ceferin.

Among the resistant countries is Denmark, which will introduce a very light VAR next year. His idea is to decide in a maximum of 25 seconds with an average of one performance every three games. “Our system will only go into clamorous failures. We do not believe that an offside for the big toe in advance is “, summed up Michael Johansen, president of the Danish referees.


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