The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, dedicated this Saturday part of his speech on the occasion of the 197 years of the first cry of independence in La Villa de Los Santos to ask the people of Sante to raise their voices when they see that their people do not is going the right way or that there are situations that affect them.

"We can not tolerate anyone who deviates, no matter how nice it is, no matter how much money you spend, no matter which event you sponsor … if funds are suspected that do not come from the honest man of the land that works the land, which gives face to the sun, and who sweats earning his money every day; or the honest fisherman who is fishing and not the wrong thing that happens on our coasts. Then that money should not be well received in any town, in any event, in any party, "said the president.

"Everyone here knows what is going on in the village and we have to take care of each other, and the only way to do it as a country is to eliminate any practice that leads to violence, death or driving the youth of the country. peoples on the wrong path, which leads them to prisons or covers the newspapers, "he added.

The declarations of the agent chief executive were given after the hearing of the process that followed 15 people accused of being part of a drug trafficking and money laundering network that operated in Los Santos, which entered into its intermediate phase on November 7. It was dismantled through the so-called El Gallero operation.

For this case, the mayor of Los Santos Eudocio Pany Pérez – who also participated in the official events this Saturday – was arrested. After seven months out of office, the mayor of San Pedro returned to his post on April 13.

In the formal ceremony, held at the Municipal Palace of Los Santos, also addressed the present university professor Susana Vásquez, official speaker of the date.

After reviewing the history of the first cry of independence in 1821, Vásquez took the opportunity to ask the Government to allocate the funds required for the construction of the building that houses the Specialized University of the Americas (Azuero's headquarters) "in its own land " "This region cries out for better days," said Vásquez.



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