Varese, 19 medical graduates ready to replace retired doctors

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This week begins a new three-year period of specific training in General Medicine managed by ASST Sette Laghi on behalf of ATS Insubria and the Lombardy Region. I 19 medical graduates competition winners that make up this year’s lever may be immediately launched in the area to replace retired doctors, thanks to the new formula introduced with the DGR 5004 of last July 5th.

“In Lombardy – explains Dr. Marco Donadini, internist doctor who has been working since 2014 in the Short Term Hospitalization (now Observation Area 1) of the Circolo Hospital and hospital referent of the course – there is a severe shortage of general practitioners. To date, there are 786 vacancies throughout the region, of which 113 in ATS Insubria ”.

To cope with this situation, The Lombardy Region has introduced the figure of the professional training which allows the trainee doctor to immediately preside over an area currently discovered managing up to 1000 patients. ASST and ATS will make available to the doctor all the support necessary to ensure a competent and professional service, fully in line with the quality standards of the Lombardy Region.

In parallel, colleagues will follow the teaching, which is managed thanks to the precious organizational support of the Training Office of ASST Sette Laghi: it is about 1600 hours between classroom and guided study spread over the three years, which are flanked by 2000 hours of internship in rotation in the departments followed by a tutor and 1200 hours in the area alongside a general practitioner. Training in the field – Donadini concludes – will take place not only at the Circolo Hospital but in all the ASST structures on the basis of proximity criteria and the opportunities for professional growth offered by the individual departments “.

Internship periods are foreseen in General Medicine, Surgery, First Aid, Obstetrics and Gynecology, other specialist departments, Hospice, Rsa, clinics etc. The first face-to-face lessons will begin at the end of August and in the coming months the doctors will be assigned to the hospital wards and at the same time to the territorial areas currently without the owner to guarantee the service to users.

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