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Home World Varese, racist insults to the market: customer offender cashier of color

Varese, racist insults to the market: customer offender cashier of color

Milan, October 13, 2018 – "I do not want to be served by a Negro. I do not feel like that. "So one customer 40 years old has left the shopping on the conveyor belt of a Carrefour supermarket in Varese and has returned to the lanes in order not to have to interact with the color cashier that at that moment (12:30 on last Thursday) was the only one that customers could turn to. "At the end – says the cashier of color, who has lived and worked in Varese for over ten years – the lady continued with insults, claiming to be served by Italians, and when she heard that my colleague and I were going to call the carabinieri , angrily threw at me the cans of beer that he was going to buy, going away in a hurry. "

The managers of the store presented complaint, Giving the carabinieri the camera recordings the supermarket.


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